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terms and conditions

Salon Etiquette

For all massage and reflexology treatments, please allow at least one hour prior to treatments following food, alcohol or vigorous exercise. Please shower prior to treatment.

A consultation is carried out before every treatment. All medical information is strictly confidential.

The treatment time stated allows for the compulsory consultation. Please note that treatment times are the maximum duration of the treatment.

Please be advised that late showing for treatment will deprive you of treatment time. Your appointment will end as originally scheduled as a courtesy to the next client.

To enhance effectiveness, any oils used during treatment should not be showered off for as long as possible.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water after the treatment.

Therapists reserve the right to terminate treatments at any time.

What to Wear and Do

Ladies and gentlemen will be most comfortable wearing short underwear during treatments. Please note that wet swimwear is not acceptable in the Spa. Towels are provided in the Spa for your use during the day.

We recommend that clients arrive at least 5 minutes prior to treatments to relax in our Spa reception.

Please respect clients relaxation and keep noise in the spa to a minimum. Mobile phones must be switched off when in the spa.


Non-Sail Lofts guests are required to pay in full at the time of booking. We recommend making reservations in advance, particularly if you choose to enjoy multiple bookings. We invite you to advise us of any special requirements when making your reservation.


We require at least 48 hours notice of cancellations; otherwise we regret that full payments are not refundable. Cancellation terms for groups will depend upon the nature of the booking and will be confirmed at time of reservation.


We are uanble to offer any form of massage to pregannat clients no matter what stage or pregnancy they are at, but we can offer facials and nail treatments to pregnant ladies.

Under 16s

No Waxing, Massage or Body Treatments.

All other treatments available with parental consent.